Living Among Owls: A Life of Quiet Contemplation

The owls play hide and seek, obscured in forest foliage or camouflaged to blend in with their surroundings, the barred pattern of feathers matching mottled alder tree bark. Apart from occasional hooting calls, they’re so silent and still that months pass without finding one.

Great Video from Justin Hoffman Outdoors!

Walking in the woods during winter, I often wonder where they are, or better yet, what tree hollow houses next springs young. I have yet to see one of their nests, though I’m not sure I want to…part of my fascination is the mysterious return of baby owls at about the same time each year, like tulips and roses blooming after a cold, dark season.

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3 thoughts on “Living Among Owls: A Life of Quiet Contemplation

  1. I will return to the Barred Life blog again to enjoy your photography, stories and interest in owl behavior. Thanks for sharing what you have learned from your observations…so refreshing. We have several owls in our neighbor but I’m afraid with the increase of forest harvesting on the island, the wildlife owls will disappear forever. The feature topic presented at the Whidbey Audubon on Thursday night will be on owls. It should be interesting.

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    1. Thank you so much for your interest! I am really in love with the owls here on Whidbey, even (especially) the controversial barred owl (Strix varia), whose presence has graced and inspired the last four years of my ongoing photographic adventure. I too share your concern for the loss of habitat due to increased logging of our beautiful second-growth forests, and fear that my young nephews will have only distant memories of these wonderful trees. At any rate, thank you for making contact, and keep up the great sketch work (and words)! If you have any interest in seeing more owl pictures feel free to stroll on over to which is my main photography site. Cheers, and keep a stiff upper lip through this nasty weather…spring is coming! P.S. I believe Paul Bannick, who has a wonderful new owl book out now, will be the guest speaker tomorrow evening!


  2. Fresh new paperback edition of “Barred Life’ released for sale on Valentine’s Day! Now available as an affordable alternative to the coffee table edition; also…has more pages, more pics, and a lot more fun!

    Cheers, Declan Travis
    Creative Fine Art/Nature Photographer

    “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know…” – Diane Arbus


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